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Milton Junior Eagles Cheer Parents--

Changes are coming to Milton Junior Eagles Cheer!!!  Milton Junior Eagles Cheer has been a wonderful program for so many middle school girls and we hope to expand on that tradition.   Coach Tansy and Coach Amy decided to retire their positions at the end of the basketball season and with that comes the formation of a brand new program!  We are honored to be part of the development of this new era in Milton Junior Eagles Cheer and look forward to working with many of you this coming season!

 First off, we have created an official Board and are developing opportunities for many other volunteer areas.   These will be advertised and rolled out during our Parent Information meeting and we will be filling these roles after our tryouts are complete.  We are working with Coach Natalie Stucky (MHS Varsity Cheer Coach) and Coach Gary Sylvestri (Athletic Director of MHS ) to finalize some decisions that will impact our meeting date.  We anticipate a meeting date during the second week of March and will publish this as soon as possible.

The intent of this message is to give you some basic information on what’s to come.  We understand that standard tryout times are quickly approaching and we are first focusing our efforts on getting those scheduled for Milton Junior Eagles.  We anticipate a late April date for tryouts.

Some other changes/highlights:

** New Board, complete with Treasurer, Grade level reps, fundraising, etc.
**Alignment with the MHS Varsity program with involvement and mentoring from HS staff and cheerleaders.
**Individual Coaches for each age group and season (ie 6th grade football, 6th grade basketball, etc)
**New uniform structure
** New training and gym facility—we are exploring many options and will decide on the best one to take our program to the next level.
** More practice times
** Summer camp schedules including choreography, stunting, and sidelines.
The above is just a quick summation of the many new ideas we are developing for our program.  Again, we are quickly working behind the scenes to gather as much information for you as possible.
Thank you!
Shawn Hampton and Cathy Pursell
President and Vice President
Milton Junior Eagles Cheer